As a licensed therapist I am prepared to work with you to explore what it is you desire in life, to sort out who you have become and re-imagine who you want to be. I enjoy working with individuals and couples using tele therapy and I also have an office in San Rafael. Please call me to set up an initial consultation appointment or e-mail if you have questions.

It is common for doubts to come up about getting therapy: “Is it really necessary?” “Why can’t I just talk to a friend?”  Getting to know yourself better may seem like a luxury that you cannot afford. But there’s a reason you’re looking for a therapist now, perhaps because a symptom or internal conflict feels overwhelming or is starting to affect relationships, work or daily functioning.

Psychotherapy is also a space to increase awareness and development of capacities to live life more fully and deeply.  Whether you come to therapy for personal growth or for troubling symptoms, the safety and protection of the therapeutic relationship is an ideal place to work on exploring, deepening and understanding your relationship to yourself and others. Admitting that you want help can be difficult in itself, especially if you place strong value on independence. In reality, none of us really do it all alone.  The process of therapy can be painful at times, but through increased awareness you can begin to change and gain more satisfaction from your experience.