couples therapy

An intimate relationship can be one of the richest experiences life has to offer, the alchemy of two agents interacting within the bounds of a form, whether that is marriage or another partnership.

I enjoy working with couples for the immediate experience of issues that is possible when two clients are present in the room.  Also, for the shift of thinking that can happen a third, in this case the therapist, is allowed to lend a perspective to the process.  Often couples come to psychotherapy looking for change.  Change sometimes turns out to be unexpected or surprising, different than what is already known, which is why couples therapy and a third perspective can be  helpful.

In a few situations, couples therapy may not be recommended, one of them being when there is active physical violence on the part of one or both partners.   In this, and some other situations, individual therapy for each person in a couple may be best first, prior to entering couples therapy.  When you call, we can discuss what type of therapy is best for you and your partner.